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Making more money with College?

Earlier, we looked at financed and if having a great financial portfolio can help you ultimately succeed in life. Something else we would like to look at today is the fact that if school can really help you. We do know that a lot of the billionaires are college dropouts in fact you can see the list here....

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Uneemployment in the US

Posted by admin | Posted in Finances | Posted on 13-12-2013


Money problems are rampant across the world right now. Although the Unemployement rate in the US at a all time low, things could still improve.

Money problems are rampant across the world right now. Although the Unemployement rate in the US at a all time low, things could still improve.

Recently, I read an article about the unemployement rate in the US. It seems that things may be getting better. I have recently seens some of the statistics it seems that the implement rate be close to 8% if not 7% in United States. In a recent article that I read here, http://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000000 , the Bureau of Labor Statistics will show databases as well as what the unemployment rate is for those who are 16 years of age and older. It seems as though some of the benefits may be lost in the forthcoming months but we are hoping that this may possibly take a different turn of events.  If yoare inch did see in the this article from BLS.gov also build help you.

However, the United States of America is not the only ones with the problems. It seems that according to Bloomberg news which is a Canadian online site that reports news to his country it seems that the Canadian household debt ratio has reached a record in this quarter. You can read the article here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-12-13/canadian-household-debt-ratio-rises-to-record-in-third-quarter.html

In America seems that debt consolidation loans for bad credit information is grown by leaps and bounds while Americans are wanting to get a better grip on their financial status.

Although the situation may not last for long time, right now anyone in the world would be better including the author by saving more money on a monthly basis in order to try to avoid some of the issues that come with financial issues.

Today I will….look at the BBB.

Posted by admin | Posted in Finances | Posted on 22-08-2013


In looking through the files and trying to decide who we should do business with online, we first sought the help of the better business bureau online.

I think there may be two different types, I am not sure that here is the website: http://www.bbb.org/ I am not sure it is the same people that own this website though.

For those who are looking for an online BBB, this is the URL http://www.bbb.org/online/consumer/default.aspx

I do think there is an element of risk of doing business online, but in the end whether you are trying to get help with credit card debt to buying a car all the way to kids toys on Amazon learning and understanding who you are doing business with is extremely important. Of all places, I think Amazon is more than likely the best, this is because of the consumer reviews. My advice would be to not buy something that you are unsure of unless you read the reviews on the site. With a site that only has testimonials that are in 100% control the website, I would check with the BBB online to make sure that the company in question is a company you should do business with.

Below is s video about safety and online shopping

Sites mentioned in post (for reference)






In Response

Posted by admin | Posted in Finances | Posted on 16-08-2013


Although, we feel that we may or may not be an expert in this field, we feel that it is very important for any consumer that is buying anything in the financial field to do a lot of research to find out what are the best options for him or her. Saying this, life insurance is one of the most important things anyone could invest in especially for their family but where to buy this would be up to the consumer themselves. We suggest possibly talking to a financial visor to find out exactly what would best meet your needs. Or better yet, you can call around and find out different companies all-in-one packages they have them will work best for you. We think that a lot of people get wrapped up in the fact that they have to buy a specific type of insurance in this causes them to make a wrong decision. Although we will not give our opinion as to what we recommend, we do think it is best to try to do due diligence and do research to make sure that you are buying a plan that works best for you and your family. If you need further help,  an article in this periodical will help you.

We were recently asked in a comment on what we think about all the latest promotion about best term life insurance and websites that discuss the subject.


Otherwise, before choosing any company we always recommend that you check the online Better Business Bureau to find out if they have any positive and negative ratings and if they do have negative ratings have they been resolved. This should help with about any decisions that you have to make that relate to any type of online purchases.

(source: http://besttermlifeinsurancev.com)


How to Set up a Budget

Posted by admin | Posted in Finances | Posted on 05-08-2013


Here is an excellent video on how to set up a budget


Making more money with College?

Posted by admin | Posted in Finances | Posted on 05-08-2013


Earlier, we looked at financed and if having a great financial portfolio can help you ultimately succeed in life. Something else we would like to look at today is the fact that if school can really help you. We do know that a lot of the billionaires are college dropouts in fact you can see the list here. List of College Dropout Billionaires on Wikipedia , amongst the top five are Bill Gates, Mark from Facebook, Steve Jobs, and Gabe Newell.

However, can have a college education help you make more money in the future? For many, there seems to be a trend that going to college is going to cost you a lot of money and so it’s going to put you in a lot of debt. However, if you feel that you have a calling to go to school and maybe even a calling to become a doctor, then it may be beneficial to go back-to-school if you do not have the entrepreneurial mindset. This is something that is argued quite a bit with people who go to college and who have gotten out of college but have made a lot more money. Yes, for those who would like to start their own business school can definitely hold people back but for individuals who have a burning desire to help others than going to school to become a Dr. may be worth it.

Going to college is an economy all and of itself. You have people that are making money selling textbooks in then you have websites such as this that are offering help with an anatomy and physiology study guide . From looking a different writings of different websites it appears that this class seems to be the most difficult for individuals who are trying to become a Dr.

Adding to this, Site like Stanford have their own physiology department and offer lots help for students who were trying to get their degree.

Choosing where you want to spend the rest your life is very important decision because you have to love your work in order to succeed in. Whether you decide to become a doctor or you decide to become an entrepreneur is a decision only you can make.

Finding Time

Posted by admin | Posted in Finances | Posted on 02-08-2013


Finding time to manager your finances can really take some time.  With all of the hustle and bustle our financial state  generally takes a backseat because it is not always the most fun thing to think about. Having to pay bills, wondering if you should consolidate your debt or file bankruptcy can definitely take a toll on your day. There is an excellent article in about.com about time management and how you can manage your time in relation to other aspects of your life such as social media and more.

Another great article was featured in Forbes magazine about ways to simplify your money management . If you have a moment, this is also a very good read. Aside from this, many people have been taught wrong when it comes to debt reduction in overall financial management. This is something that should definitely be taught in the school system. Having this taught at Universities would be even better. A recent website we look at on how to eliminate your credit card debt , we can see that most of the time this problem seems to be a lot deeper than what we have been taught. For example, the teaching that it is okay to live paycheck to paycheck can create quite a bit of stress in a person’s life. There are many people that have sought to the help of online companies when they are looking for debt reduction. Although we do not have an opinion about this one way or the other, I would always check the online BBB as to whether company is legitimate or not. You do not want to deal with a company that does not have your best interest at stake.

In the news, we see in this release here:


The above press release poses a question as to whether consolidation is truly needed in many American’s home. Seeing that most people will usually end up filing for a reorganization of some type, this type of strategy may not be on the forefront as many people think.

It appears that this subject is quite popular online. In fact, a recent search in a local city of Los Angeles, we also see that there are many companies listed both Yahoo and on Yelp.com

Entire Search String: (Consolidation+companies+Los+Angeles)

We have left searching intact because the listings may be different than the are at this time of writing.

Here is also VERY informative video by Dave Ramsey

Finding New Hope For Americans

Posted by admin | Posted in Finances | Posted on 31-07-2013


In a recent poll with Americans, one of the greatest concerns that Americans have overall is inflation. Inflation is definitely not a good thing for Americans. With inflation comes pricing increases in everything from hamburgers all the way up to cars and houses. Essentially, inflation will make the American dollar worth less. For those who have their own business, inflation can hurt if they do not increase the amount of money that they are charging for their services. For employees that work at a company, they are faced with asking for a pay raise if there Corporation does not keep up with the inflated times. In this inflation video from Youtube, we see details from many experts on why it is important to combat inflation. Although there may not be anything that we are able to do about it, it is very important to bring awareness of the subject for many individuals because it can definitely cause a serious impact in an individual’s finances if they are not aware that inflation is coming.

We all grew up hearing our grandparents telling us that sodas used to be $.10 or $.25 and bread was a nickel. However, at that time, earning wages were very different too. Recently, we came across this inflation calculator which can help anyone determine how much buying power a specific dollar amount is worth today. Just for fun, we decided to give this gadget try and put in $10 and put in the year 1980. According to this resource, $10 in 1980 has the same buying power as nearly $30 right now. What is great about this tool is that it has been configured all we back to 1913. We then decided to try the same $10 for 1913 and the figures surprised us.

$10 in the year 1913 is worth close to $300 today! We were shocked at how much inflation has changed over the years and so we put in $.25 in 1970. In 1970, 25 cents is equivalent to around three dollars today. So, even though the dollar amount is lower, it is equivalent to what we would normally spend today. Although admittedly, pricing today’s low higher than it was in the past. This is due to inflation and is the exact reason why videos such as what we link to below are becoming so popular with those who are aware of our national debt.


This video is an excellent resource and runs about 30 minutes long. If you’ve never seen a video on the dollar bubble, take a few moments and listen to some of the statistics that they give. This is another reason why many are beginning to buy gold and silver. Since Gold can many times the inflation, it is an excellent investment for those who are looking to not fill the full effects of our times. Later in this article, we will link to a Forbes article which explains ways that Americans can be inflation. Another bad side effect of inflation is consumer debt, videos such as these on debt consolidation loans for bad credit are become increasingly popular in the today’s market because so many Americans to share a lot of debt that has been caused by our inflated times. We have also embedded the video below. However, for many people, there may not be a real solution other than having to file bankruptcy.

With all of this talk of inflation, prices on life insurance can get more costly as well as anything that we need on a monthly basis. Is there anything we can do about it? Other than becoming more aware of our situation. However, an interesting article on how to beat inflation was listed in Forbes magazine recently.Of the many ways and tips that they give, the first step is to buy bonds. If you are inch did in this topic then this article on Forbes is an excellent read.

We are glad

Posted by admin | Posted in Finances | Posted on 30-07-2013


Hello and welcome to our new site. In this site, we will discuss health insurance, life insurance, finance problems and how you too can keep from either going bankrupt or having your credit ruined. In this blog, we will share quite a few ways that you can easily get out of debt a lot of faster than what you may have thought. We have lots of nice guest writers that we would like to introduce you too as well. We will also start a twitter page very soon too! We are excited about our journey and we cannot wait to help each and everyone of our readers.

We also wanted to add that we will start to show a few different health insurance companies . That link is to a USNews and World Report article. A very good source for this information.