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Spoken Word and Fear

I had a presentation at college today, and I actually enjoyed if for once. That’s more than likely because Kyle told me the most profound thing that I’ve heard him say. Just before going on stage I must admit that I was rather nervous. I could barely even drink my water because the vibrations...

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I am thinking that the fall time must be mating season for dragonflies. It is not a subject I normally discuss or even think about. It was just a little hard to notice when I woke up early this morning. I went outside to sip on my coffee and to just say hello to the morning. I looked up and all over were dragonflies, flying together in twos, so I’m assuming that’s what it is.  About as wacky as wacky scholarships.

Little Sausages

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I never thought I would like little sausages, or little smokies. As I was sitting here doing some work today on how to consolidate debt to help a friend of mine, I got a little hungry. I looked into my cabinet and couldn’t find much to eat as my shopping day is today and I will be replenishing again. So, I’m looking in the fridge, looking in the freezer, nothing too appealing except some icesicles which didn’t seem like they’d fill me up for a good snack. I looked into the cabinet again and found a little can of sausages, they were flavored with BBQ flavoring. So, I took a few crackers, cut up the little sausages, sprinkled a little cheese on them and voila, instant snack. They were surprisingly pretty good too.


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I attempted to make a new recipe the other day, and to my surprise, I couldn’t find one of the ingredients anywhere around. Some of the ingredients included maple syrup, vanilla extract or vanilla beans, blueberries, and coconut cream. No one around has coconut cream. We saw cream of coconut, or coconut oil, even coconut water, but no coconut cream. We ended up using the cream of coconut thinking it would be the same and it was not. Perhaps we can order some online and have it shipped is what we’ll probably end up doing, you can’t do that with best term life insurance companies. Several stores in the area didn’t have it. Apparently coconut cream is just the ground up coconut, whereas the cream of coconut is much different and more of a liquid. On to other recipes I suppose.


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Speaking up about something you believe in is really important. Just as important as my search for debt consolidation you tube, that was one of the ways we were able to take our trip. My friends and I took our kids to a hotel for the evening, kind of a small field trip. We scheduled the room online and it had a pool and looked pretty decent. Once we got there, the kiddos put on their swim suits and we headed out to the pool. To our disappointment, the pool was closed. We went to the front of the office and found out it was closed for the time we were going to be there. So, I mentioned politely that we had chosen that hotel due to the pool. Without argument or any fuss, they gave us $15 back just for the inconvenience. I think it was fair enough, why pay more if they don’t have all of the amenities.

Made My Day

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I think one of my callings was possibly to be an interior designer.  At least that’s what my mother in law thinks.  I’m glad I’m good at that rather than consolidation loans for bad credit, that’s no fun.  Her and her husband came over a few weeks ago, they live about 3 hours away from us.  This was their first time seeing our new place, as we just moved a couple of months ago.  They hadn’t seen our old place even though we lived there for 2 years, they lived 7 1/2 hours away, we just came up to their condo they owned a few years in a row to see them.  Once they walked through our new place, they said that I could not have paid an interior designer to decorate our place as well as I did.  Those words made my day.

Doll House

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I cannot believe the set up instructions for some of the items we buy.  My mother in law bought our daughter a new doll house for Christmas last year.  We were so very excited as it was her first doll house and this looked really fancy and nicely put together.  She’d even be able to play with her barbie dolls with it.  So, we finally received it in the mail after all that time waiting.  It came in a huge box.  However, to our surprise, it came in a million pieces.  We thought maybe it would be pieced together at least a little, like the roof together that you had to attach to the base, etc.  However, it took 2 weeks to put it together.  It was worth it but funny enough, when we were done we felt like we needed a building permit.  And the instructions were much harder than the left handed scholarships paperwork I had to figure out.  Looking back, I should have paid someone to do it.


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I think I need to get rid of some of my crystal.  It started when I was married for the second time, I received some crystal figurines, they were disney characters, like tiger, and pooh, etc.  Well, over the years, I’ve enhanced that collection to well over a thousand pieces.  My husband and I were in the process of moving is how we finally figured out we had way too many.  Once we started digging into our storage shed we found most of them.  Well, now that I have my no essay scholarships and I am taking a break from school, what better time to go through them all then now.  Perhaps I can make some money by putting them on ebay or something.

New Traveler

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So my daughter is finally going to college and I cannot be more excited!  She was able to get scholarships for college students and now she is on her way!  I’m not sure if I will go through that empty nest syndrome that everyone talks about, we shall see.  I mean, I will miss her so very much, but am happy that she will be starting her own life also.  I’m also excited for my husband and I to continue ours, together, just he and I.  I think it’s just an exciting journey no matter what.  I would like to travel and see many places, hopefully my hubby and I can take a trip to Jeruselam.  That would be fantastic


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Maintaining a good credit score is important in today’s day and age because anyone can run your credit. Technology has made it so that Social Security numbers are checked for all types of credit lines including cell phone plans, leases and even flexible payment shopping plans. It is crucial for people to make strides to pay their bill payments on time. Debt can be a huge burden for people. It has to be managed well so that people can build up their credit history in the best manner possible.  A good solution may be to get debt consolidation loans bad credit, just be sure to take your time and research which company you are looking into.

New Car

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How can you tell which bad credit consolidation loans company is real and won’t take your money?  I’m really not sure where to go.  I’m trying to wrap up all of my credit issues before the end of the year, so that I can start a new year fresh, but don’t know where to start.  My Birthday is coming up in a few months, I’m really excited, I’m hoping I can have enough paid off so that I can buy a new car.  I’m not sure which one I want, I’ve looked into a few options.  One is this…

Or maybe one of these…

hmmmm, tough decisions.